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La Sirena started with organizing and hosting yoga and spiritual retreats in her adopted home of Ecuador, and has now grown to include a Holistic Centre offering Reiki, aromatherapy, natural health products and spa services, a yoga sangha with regular classes, and spiritual, health and wellness courses and seminars.

La Sirena empezó con organización y presentación de retiros de yoga en su país adoptada de Ecuador, y ahora ha crecido para incluir un Centro Holístico que ofrece Reiki, aromaterapia, productos y servicios de salud natural y spa, una sangha de yoga con clases fijos, y cursos y talleres de espiritualidad, salud y bienestar.

La Sirena Retreats y Centro Holístico | Cdla. Los Almendros, Manta, Ecuador | 593 52 381 344 | 593 987 267 157

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

~~ Sales de Baño ~~ Bath Salts ~~

La Sirena es tan emocionada!!!!! Después estudiar y desarrollar recetes originales, la producción de las Sales de Baño de La Sirena Centro Holístico ha comenzado!
After studying and developing original recipes, production of La Sirena Centro Holistico's Bath Salts has started!

Además de las 6 mezclas fijas, se puede pedir mezclas hechos de encargo con consulta privada. Son todo natural, con sales marinas naturales, aceites esenciales, y hierbas secas y viene con una piedra pómez. Se puede bañarse en tina o utilizar en una spa de pies; ambas opciones dan todos los beneficios de sanación de los aceites y hierbas. Sola agrega las sales al agua tibia, encerarse en el baño para disfrutar la aromaterapia, y relejarse por 20 minutos.
Along with the 6 set blends, custom blends can also be made to order based on your specific needs. The bath salts are all natural, made with natural sea salt, essential oils, and dried herbs and they come with a pumice stone. They can be used in a bath or as a foot soak; both options give all the benefits of the healing qualities of the oils and herbs. Just put the salts in warm water, close the bathroom door so you can completely enjoy the aromatherapy, and relax for 20 minutes.

·  Revitalizante/Reviving
·  Tranquilidad y Equilibro/Tranquility and Balance
·  Artritis y Inflamación/Arthritis and Inflammation
·  Detox
·  Hidratación Profundo/Deep Hydrating
·  Hormonas/Hormones

Llama al 087267157 para pedir tus Sales de Baño. Se puede venir al Centro Holístico en Manta para comprar con una consulta privada gratuita, o con consulta por teléfono se puede recibir tus sales en casa en Guayaquil (con costo adicional). Botella decorativa perfecto para regalar $15.
Call 087267157 to order your Bath Salts. They can be picked up at the Centro Holistico in Manta with a free private consultation, or with a telephone consultation they can be delivered to your home in Guayaquil (for an additional cost). Decorative bottle perfect for gift giving $15.

  • Sales marinas no refinadas conservar todos los minerales del mar, lo que puede absorber el cuerpo
  • No aditivos químicas ni de ‘limpieza’- mejor para ti y el ambiente
  • Desintoxican te, diurética, sanación

  • Unrefined natural sea salt retains all the vital minerals of the ocean, which can be absorbed by the body
  • No chemical additives or ‘cleaning’- better for you and the environment
  • Detoxifying, diuretic, healing

Saturday, 8 September 2012

~~~ Expansion ~~~

La Sirena is back, with more passion than ever, and she's been a very busy bee lately.

After the passing of our infant son at the end of February, things understandably took a turn for the dark and depressing for a while, but with lots of love and support from friends, family, my awesome online community, and the yoga sangha at La Sirena Centro Holistico, I am gradually coming to a more peaceful place- my new "normal". Of particular help in getting over the self blame and despair was a book, given to me by a wonderful friend, by George Anderson and Andrew Barone called Walking in the Garden of Souls. Also, an affirming incident with a Reiki patient that was spectacularly successful has reminded me that my true gift is healing and given me renewed energy to pursue that path. Working through the Chakras and Meditation course with the members of the sangha was also healing for me, as well as affirming my path. In early August, I attended the Sadhana Yoga Conference in Guayaquil, which turned out to be much more emotional for me than expected and led to a lot of long hours alone in contemplation and lots of tears before I resurfaced again.

Since my breakthrough facilitated by the book, I have been studying and reading and bouncing ideas around and asking my online community for feedback. A lot of what has happened in the last few weeks has been so natural, so organic, so obvious all along, that it seems to be happening in a dream, but I know it's the Universe doing it's thing now that I am finally surrendering to the flow.

One of the things that I stumbled upon in my online reading and studying was a blog about multipotentiates. I had never heard of that before, nor did I know that that's what I am. I had jokingly called myself a Renaissance Woman once or twice before, with a sad feeling that it was something that hinders me from functioning well in this modern society, but now I know that it's a good thing. I'm embracing my huge potential and numerous talents and moving forward now.

So, what's in the works at La Sirena Yoga Adventures and Centro Holistico? Why, thank you for asking! Here's a list: retreats for 2013, an expanded line of homemade natural health and beauty treatments, expanding the yoga schedule to include pre/post natal and sunset restorative sessions, making my own coconut oil (born out of the inavailability of quality oil for cooking and healing), a book and workshop on controlling disease through diet and supplements, a workshop on 21 keys to health and wellbeing, finding ways to expand the reach of the holistic centre and serve more people, and online holistic coaching services for English speaking clients. And as if that weren't enough, I continue with the gardening, cooking, maintaining the La Sirena Facebook community, and teaching at the local university. I just noticed a theme as I was writing all that: EXPANSION. At the core of all of this activity is the feeling of my heart expanding, my light and love expanding, and embracing more and more people. 

I'm nowhere near perfect in mainstream society's definition of the word, but I know I'm doing just what I'm supposed to be doing, I'm right where I'm supposed to be, and I'm learning and growing and healing and expanding every day. Join me on my journey and let's grow together. Join the La Sirena Facebook community by clicking 'like' on the page, and check back here for updates on the expansion. It's going to be a wild ride!

PS... the Chakra and Meditation Course was such a success that I'd like to offer it as a yearly event. Look for it in 2013 at the Centro Holistico in Manta in Spanish, and maybe even online versions in English and Spanish!

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